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Is that crack serious?

 Not all cracks are the same, it helps to know what kind of foundation your home rests upon

Time to Renovate your Bathroom?

 Interestingly, statistics show that when it comes to people wanting to improve spaces in their homes; bathroom renovation is high on the list.

Shell Construction

  Also called "ruwbouw" and "obra gris" forms the skeleton of your building, so it is critically important to make it as strong and sturdy as possible

Arcon Rentals

 We provide equipment rental solutions for the construction and homeowner markets



Essential Building Materials

 For constructors we sell Reinforcement and Stability products, for concrete,steel, etc

Architectural Finishes

 Wood, metal, fabric and stone materials from around the world expand the designer's palette


free3dIsn't it great to see first before actual construcion?
Design-Build System
Thank you for the timeliness and good craftsmanship!

_ Sincerely, Jason A. Smith

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Current Projects

Gold Coast Villas

Gold Coast Villas
Structural Engineering